About Orkney Drugs Dog

Orkney Drugs Dog is a registered charity operated by a Board of Trustees, managing two paid staff and one or more dogs. The Board are all volunteers who give their time freely in order to highlight the impact of and the level of drug misuse and abuse together with the disruption this can cause to family life in the county. The staff carry out the daily operations of the charity on behalf of the Trustees.

Along with assistance and support from many individuals, local business, partner agencies and adult and youth groups, we fundraise on a regular basis in order to secure long-term provision of a trained and locally based Dog and Handler in Orkney.

Our Aims

To contribute to the reduction of the supply of controlled substances coming in to Orkney by the provision of a trained drugs dog or dogs,helping to prevent access to harmful substances for the health benefit of the people of Orkney and neighbouring local authority areas.

To work in partnership to increase public knowledge and to educate the community as to the extent of drug misuse, its damaging effects on individuals, families, society in general and the economy.