Our Dog and Handler

Drug Detection Dog

Our Dog and Handler will provide a high profile, visible deterrent to those involved in drug misuse or to those contemplating becoming involved in this illegal and harmful activity.

Our dog is trained with the ability to detect a wide range of illegal drugs. We use techniques such as search/scan both people and places as well as intrusive warrant searches in partnership with Police Scotland.


The Dog and Handler has responsibility for community and business activities such as school and college educational visits. On a regular basis, we work in partnership with the Post Office, Air and Ferry Terminal Operators and Police Scotland with the intention to Detect, Deter and Disrupt illegal drugs entering Orkney.

Along with partner agencies, we deliver educational packages to our schools, college and community groups. These packages are produced for age specific needs whilst complementing existing curriculum requirements.

In addition, we offer Corporate scan/search packages to business clients with the aim of assisting them in adhering to their company’s Misuse of Drugs policies.

Support / Services

There are various other services and organisations that can offer advice and help. Links to various websites can be found here.

Our Aims

To contribute to the reduction of the supply of controlled substances coming in to Orkney by the provision of a trained drugs dog or dogs,helping to prevent access to harmful substances for the health benefit of the people of Orkney and neighbouring local authority areas.

To work in partnership to increase public knowledge and to educate the community as to the extent of drug misuse, its damaging effects on individuals, families, society in general and the economy.