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Police intercept drugs packages from postal service

Ten packages containing illegal drugs have been intercepted from the postal system by local police officers and the Orkney Drugs Dog charity, since the beginning of lockdown.

Police have reported that each of the packages contained cannabis.
Local Preventions and Interventions officer, Sergeant Simon Hay said “despite the unprecedented challenges placed upon the police during this pandemic we are continuing with our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the people and communities of Orkney.

“This includes disrupting serious and organised crime groups attempting to supply illegal drugs to members of our community. We are gratefully supported by the Orkney Drugs Dog charity, who has been instrumental in the seizures. Their commitment to keeping Orkney safe has been brilliant during this pandemic.”

Police have called this a “significant number” of finds.

Orkney Drugs Dog chairman, Andrew Drever said “I applaud the work of our handler and dog on their activity to reduce the availability of illegal drugs coming into Orkney through regular scanning at points of entry and at the Post Office.

“Every seizure being taken out of the system can only be a good thing for the health and wellbeing of our community. We will continue to work in partnership with Police Scotland to detect, deter and disrupt the supply and use of illegal drugs.”

Sergeant Hay added: “we will always act upon information received about illegal drugs. Should you have any information about illegal drugs in Orkney, I urge you to contact us at Kirkwall Police Station either in person (maintaining social distancing) or pick up the phone and call 101.”

“If you would like to remain anonymous then you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Anonymous means anonymous, the Crimestoppers team are brilliant and will not pass any information that will lead to your identity. An example I like to use when explaining it is – if you phone and are half-way through your conversation and you drop your phone and the call ends, they can’t call you back.

Sergeant Hay finished by saying: “prevention is a key part in the fight against illegal drugs. Should anyone require support with their addiction I encourage you to seek help from the Orkney Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, who are continuing to work during the pandemic. Together we can stop illegal drugs affecting our community.”

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