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Join in our Halloween Rock Hunt

Following the success of our Summer Rock Hunt, we are holding another during the October Holidays.

120 rocks will be hidden across Orkney and beyond. If you find one, keep it or rehide it but we’d love to see a photo of you and your rock on Facebook.

This time there will be 12 rocks with a spooky sticker on them – if you find one of these you will win a goodie bag containing some Orkney Drugs Dog merchandise plus sweets, kindly donated by Tesco Superstore

Each spooky rock has a number and we ask you to keep your rock rather than hide it again (only one prize per numbered rock).

We would also like to see how far our rocks travel so there will be one extra goodie bag for the farthest travelled rock by Saturday, 23 October.

We will update the winning rocks throughout the duration of this promotion.

Our Latest News

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